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They (Utility Audit Solutions) are invested in my cost savings... . I am basically paying them with found money. It’s a win-win. The only thing I had invested was the time it took to get the background information together. We’ll probably save around $10,000 this year.  …  With Duke Energy raising their rates, we needed someone to review our contracts.  They stay up to date with regulations and changes with scheduling and rates.  A lot of people are not aware that there is any flexibility out there. There are different rates and different programs that will save you money. I am not an expert in power bills and it is nice to have someone who is.
Amy Campbell,
Property Manager
Colliers International,
Greenville SC


Utility Audit Solutions - Experienced utility bill auditing business

Utility Audit Solutions is a professional corporation specializing in utility bill auditing. Since 1991, our utility bill auditors have performed thousands of billing audits to reduce our clients’ utility spending. We provide in-depth invoice auditing of utility bills to identify opportunities for cost control, uncover errors, and secure client savings and refunds.

Our utility bill audit consists of the following components:

If Utility Audit Solutions cannot find utility bill savings then there is no cost to you.  Once we have an agreement and copies of your bills, our team of expert invoice auditors will quickly get to work for you.  Our fee is simply a percentage of the savings we find for you.  The net result is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our experienced utility bill auditors will search for billing errors and analyze rate structures in order to ensure that your utility and telecom expenses are fair and correct.  Such utility rate auditing is exhaustive and when errors or inefficiencies are discovered, we will work with the utility to correct the errors.  In some cases, refunds and credits going back as far as 36 months are possible.  Going forward, substantial monthly savings are a frequent result of our bill audit.

"BUT OUR A/P DEPARTMENT ALREADY REVIEWS ALL OF OUR INVOICES".  This is a normal Accounts Payable function, but your A/P employees are not qualified to perform a full analysis of utility bills, nor are they familiar with the tariffs, taxes, rates, and USOC codes that are used with these services.  Also, in these days of downsizing, they are most likely stretched thin and do not have the time and resources to spend on in-depth research.  Why not turn this function over to the experts, and ensure that you are not overpaying?

Utility Audit Solutions specializes in utility bill audits for businesses, municipalities and non-profits throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Click here to search for your state. As an example of the utility providers we audit, click here to see a list of those just in South Carolina.

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Being a non-profit, I consider myself a custodian of our finances, so it is imperative that I keep all expenses under control. Thanks to the staff at Utility Audit Solutions for uncovering savings on our utility invoices, which will allow us to put thousands of dollars back to work for the community. Chief Financial Officer, Non-Profit Organization, Greenville, SC